If you are new to our camera club, you can find out more about us (where we meet, how much it costs, etc) by clicking here. Visitors to our club evenings are always welcome: the programme for the next few meetings is outlined below - just come. Club evenings start at 7:30pm.

    What's Happening    (updated 12/11/2018)

  Bradford Abbas Shield 2018:   A great 'Shadows' effort by our members; we ended up ahead of Yeovil and Wicanton, just one point behind Shaftsbury, and 8 points behind the winners Sherbourne Bradford Abbas. Congratulations to them. Congratulations as well to all whose photographs made up our entry - and thanks to all members who submitted images and gave us so many great photos to select our final 10 from. (Click on any image in the slideshow to see it enlarged).

An outline of our programme for 2018/19 is available here (opens in a pop-up window).

  December 5th:   Andy Lord and Steve Cooper tackle two of the great mysteries of modern photography. To begin, Andy gets to grips with the question 'What do all the buttons and menus on my camera actually do?' in his presentation "Getting to know your camera". Then Steve considers the remarkably good camera in your phone or tablet and asks the question "How can I take better photographs with my phone?". The challenge for reviewing at this meeting is "Seen Better Days". Finally
Bradford Abbas images 2018

(and depending a bit on the time we have left in the evening) "Your favourite photos of 2018"; bring up to 3 images on a memory stick and share the story behind them .... they don't have to be technically outstanding, just special to you for whatever reason.

  December 12th:   Annual dinner for members and partners at the Brewer's Arms, SP. The menu choices (and prices) can be seen here. Book your places and make your choices via and please make your payment by the end of November. We won't have a challenge at January's meeting - the next challenge is for February: "A photo taken on your phone or tablet".

  January 9th:   To give you time to recover fully from your New Year celebrations we meet on the second Wednesday of the month and to greet 2019 we have a real treat in store with "An Evening with David Boag". David is an internationally renown wildlife photographer with a string of books and commissions as long as your arm (if not longer). For a foretaste see his gallery at http://naturalfocus.co.uk/gallery. This meeting is likely to have wide appeal so do invite your friends to join us for the evening. (There is no challenge for this meeting).

  December/January Challenge:   The first challenge for 2019 is "Fireworks" so keep an eye out during the New Year celebrations for opportunities to grab that crucial winning shot.

Tuesday 23rd October at 7:30pm at the Bradford Abbas Village Hall,
Church Road, Bradford Abbas, Sherborne DT9 6RF.

    South Petherton Calendar 2019

The SPPS South Petherton Calendar has become something of an institution over the years, and very well supported by sales it is too. Many thanks to the photographers who provided images this year of South Petherton and the TA13 area around: Barry Apps, Steve Cooper, Steve Harrison, James McInnes, John Nicholson, Liz Randall and David Simpson - and to the editor, James McInnes. In case of doubt about what exactly the TA13 area is, click here for a map.

[Hover your mouse pointer over the image to view its details: click for an enlarged view.]

2020 Calendar We are always looking for fresh images to include in the next edition of the calendar. As you take them throughout the year, please send your S.Petherton/TA13 images for collation and possible selection to .

    Monthly Photo Challenges

Each month the club members are set a photo challenge to produce digital images on a set topic. The images are then reviewed at a subsequent club night and voted on to select the winner (who gets a round of applause and our heartfelt admiration).

  You can view entries from past 2017/18 challenges and earlier here

Challenge topics and deadlines 2018/19      (Click on the symbol below to see the entries)

  August ‘18 ‐ Shadows ..... see the entries here    

  September ‘18 ‐ Colourful ..... see the entries here    

  October ‘18 ‐ On the Street ..... see the entries here    

  November ‘18 ‐ Seen Better Days ..... entries by Sunday December 2nd

            ---------- oooOooo ----------

  December '18/January '19 ‐ An image taken on your Phone or Tablet ..... entries by Sunday February 3rd

  February '19 ‐ Fireworks ..... entries by Sunday March 3rd

  March '19 ‐ Signs of Spring ..... entries by Sunday March 31st

  April '19 ‐ TA13 Trough the Year* ..... entries by Sunday April 28th

  May '19 ‐ Music ..... entries by Sunday June 2nd

* In case of doubt about what exactly the TA13 area is, click here for a map.

Entries: (please make no smaller than 1Mb and no larger than 2Mb - as a guide, about 1200 pixels along the longest edge is plenty big enough for your image to be projected with good quality) can be e-mailed to .
Click here for the rules of the Monthly Challenge competition.