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Welcome! You can find out more about our happy band right here. Visitors to our club evenings are always welcome (£3.00 - tea or coffee included): the programme is below - just come ... you will find us at the Coke Memorial Methodist Church Hall in South Petherton. Club evenings start at 7:30pm.

News, news!    (updated 27/02/2017)

    Bradford Abbas Shield 2017: Your Club Needs You! The 2017 inter-club competition comes around again in October. The subject for entries is "Agriculture" so please keep that in mind over the next few months as you are out and about with your camera. As usual we will need to select 10 images (5 prints and 5 projected) with no more than 2 entries from any one photographer.

Up-coming programme

    March 1st Richard Martin will share images of his recent (and somewhat eventful) trip to New Zealand, taking in stops in Singapore and Melbourne along the way. The monthly challenge for this meeting is Winter Photography ..... so while there is still some winter out there, brave the cold and get out and about with your camera!

    April 5th This month sees a welcome return by Don Bishop. He will be sharing his thoughts on landscape photography and demonstrating the use of filters to add more punch to your landscape images. Now, I did recently see a photo blog somewhere advocating two particular filters for the budding landscape photographer so hopefully I'll find out more from Don about how to use them.

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The monthly challenge for this meeting is Something Mechanical

Monthly Photo Challenges.

Each month the club members are set a photo challenge to produce digital images on a set topic. The images are then reviewed at a subsequent club night and voted on to select the winner.
You can view entries from past 2015/16 challenges and earlier here.

Challenge topics and deadlines 2015/16
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    September ‘16 ‐ Summer in Somerset    

    October ‘16 ‐ Wet Land Landscapes    

    November/December ‘16 ‐ Illuminated Windows    

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    January '17 ‐ Fire or Smoke    

    February '17 ‐ Winter Photography
                    - entries due by 26th February 2017

    March '17 ‐ Something Mechanical
                    - entries due by 2nd April 2017

    April '17 ‐ In Flight
                    - entries due by 30th April 2017

    May '17 ‐ Roofs/Top of the House
                    - entries due by 4th June 2017

Entries: (please make no smaller than 1Mb and no larger than 2Mb) can be e-mailed to

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