Challenges 2021/22

These are our plans for the year.       Please note that voting will continue to be via the same on-line app that we used throughout 2020. All of the entries will be shown and the results of the vote announced at the following club meeting. Accordingly, the deadline for sending in your entries is a week earlier than has been our custom in previous years.

Closing date
For Club Meeting
July/August (the Bradford Abbas competition theme): White on White Sunday 15 August Wednesday 25 August
September: Circles
Sunday 26 September Wednesday 6 October
October: A Vehicle Sunday 25 October Wednesday 3 November
November: Animals
Sunday 21 November Wednesday 1 December
December: Winter Wonderland Sunday 2 January Wednesday 12 January
January: Drinks Sunday 23 January Wednesday 2 February
February: Silhouette Sunday 20 February Wednesday 2 March
March: A Film Title Sunday 27 March Wednesday 6 April
April: From a Low Angle Sunday 24 April Wednesday 4 May
May: Something Mechanical Sunday 22 May Wednesday 1 June
June: A Landscape Sunday 26 June On-line only