Programme 2021/22

These are our plans for the year - please note that there may be changes!

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What's On
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25th Aug
John Nicholson
AGM   :   Arrangements for Photoday   :   Your 3 favourite images from 2020 or 2021 White-on-White
(submit by Sun 15th Aug)
4th Sep
Annual Exhibition at St Peter & St Paul's Church, SP: 10am to 4pm -----
15th Sep
Zoom: Steve Myall - ‘100 Strangers Project -----
6th Oct
Visiting speaker: Robin Morrison - ‘Wildlife Photography in the South West Circles
(submit by Sun 26th Sep)
20th Oct
Zoom: Chris Palmer - ‘Talking Pictures -----
26th Oct
Bradford Abbas Shield: competition between Shaftsbury, Sherbourne/Bradford Abbas, South Petherton, Wincanton and Yeovil camera clubs. 7:30pm (probably by Zoom) -----
3rd Nov
Richard Martin
Practical Evening - bring your camera! A Vehicle
(submit by Sun 24th Oct)
17th Nov
Zoom: Andrew Moss - ‘He Shoots, He Scores -----
1st Dec
Visiting speaker: Peter Brisely - 'Talking Pictures Animals
(submit by Sun 21st Nov)
12th Jan
Members' Evening Winter Wonderland
(submit by Sun 2nd Jan)
19th Jan
Zoom: Sally Sallett - 'Never underestimate an old woman with a camera' -----
2nd Feb
Penny Piddock - ‘Completely in the Dark - a practical evening’ - bring camera, props and masks Drinks
(submit by Sun 23rd Jan)
16th Feb
Zoom: Cherry Larcombe - 'Creative Flower Photography' -----
2nd Mar
Visiting speaker: Simon Caplan - ‘Extraordinary Ordinary' Silhouette
(submit by Sun 20th Feb)
16th Mar
Zoom: Jo Knight: 'Overcoming Obstacles' -----
6th Apr
Visiting speaker: Peter Clayton - ‘Bird and Nature Photography A Film Title
(submit by Sun 27th Mar)
20th Apr
Zoom: Kieran Metcalf - 'Chasing the Light' -----
4th May
Visiting speaker: Hew Alban - ‘The Emotional Landscape From a Low Angle
(submit by Sun 24th Apr)
18th May
Zoom: Steven Galvin - 'Judge, Jury and Executioner' -----
1st Jun
Visiting speaker: Peter Weaver - My Kind of People Something Mechanical
(submit by Sun 22nd May)
15th Jun
Zoom: Tracey Lund - 'Wildlife Photography - Part 1' -----
6th Jul
Outside photoshoot at Ryewater Nursery A Landscape (on-line only)
(submit by Sun 26th Jun)
20th Jul
Zoom: Paul Parkinson - 'A Short(ish) Walk Through Long Exposure' -----