If you are new to our camera club, you can find out more about us (where we meet, how much it costs, etc) by clicking here. Visitors to our club evenings are always welcome: the programme for the next few meetings is outlined below - just come. Club evenings start at 7:30pm.

    What's Happening    (updated 05/09/2023)

  Bradford Abbas Shield 2022:   As it was us who chose the theme for the 2022 competition, we would have no one to blame but ourselves had we not made a decent showing. In the end it was a very decent showing - 2nd place just 2 points behind the winners, Wincanton Camera Club. Congratulations to them. Congratulations also go to Robert Williams ('Thames Barrier'), Bill Bailey ('The Ghost-Walk Guy'), and Steve Harrison ('Boats and Bridges') our top scorers each with 20/20 scores from the judge. (Click on any image in the slideshow to see it enlarged).

The theme for the 2023 competition has now been decided: "Sky" ..... which, for the avoidance of doubt, means: "A photograph of the sky, or part of, day or night ...... including photographs where the sky forms a predominant part, or makes a significant contribution to the mood of, the photograph". So let's get out there taking some photos - there,s plenty of sky to choose from!

  Club Meetings:   meetings have resumed with in-person sessions at the Methodist Church Hall on the first Wednesday of the month and Zoom meetings on the third Wednesdays. One of the unexpected lessons of the last year has been that we can get some very good speakers from more distant places on a greater range of topics by going on-line. You can see the full programme using the link below.
Bradford Abbas images 2022 - 'After Dark'

Visitors are welcome to join us for in-person and/or for zoom meetings - please e-mail for further details. Meanwhile our Monthly Challenges continue to run on-line with the images also being shown at our 1st Wednesday club nights.

  October Challenge   See a summary of the results of the "Fruit" challenge here:     as a video:   --->   mp4     or     as a pdf:   --->   pdf

The winning entry was this photograph by Andy Lord - "One of a Pear, I'd Say". (Great pun, I'd say Andy, as well as a worthy winning photograph).

  November 1st   "Street Photography Bristol, the City and It's People"". Our guest speaker is Colin Moody, a Bristol-based artist, journalist and photographer. Colin will talk about his contemporary work out and about the streets of Bristol photographing the social environment, spaces and events in the city. Colin is a much-published author on this genre of photography whose journalistic style has earned him commissions and clients from many community groups. To round the evening off, we'll have a viewing of the October Challenge ("Fruit") entries and some feedback on how we fared in this year's Bradford Abbas Shield competition.

  November 15th   "The Art of Composite Photography" - a Zoom talk by Rob and Sharon Prenton-Jones. This is a perfect follow-up to our recent clubnight presenter, Lisa Rendall. Lisa's brilliant nature photos showed us what can be done by using composites creatively. Rob and Sharon also demonstrate the range of possibities and also dig a bit more into the how it can be done, including some live demonstrations of the methods involved.

Here's one camera club's review of their talk: "Their work springs from a great combination of imagination, creativity and mastery of the tools. Rob and Sharon have their own distinctive styles and each presented individually on their own work. Rob’s work draws on classical art, emulating lighting techniques and compositions from the Dutch Renaissance. Sharon’s work was drawn from the mists of the Celtic Twilight featurng mythical heroes and heroines in dramatic poses in misty locations.
They drew us into their creations by letting us see the process, giving us a peek behind the curtain with a presentation style that was always interesting and engaging."

Rob and Sharon are real masters of this genre of photography: they both are multi award winning national and international photographers who have had their images exhibited all over the world. Such mastery is challenging to aspire to but their amazing work will surely inspire a few experiments of your own and perhaps open up an entirely new direction for your photography.

See more of Rob and Sharon's work at: https://www.prentonjonesphotography.co.uk/

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    South Petherton Calendar 2023

The SPPS South Petherton Calendar has become something of an institution over the years, and very well supported by sales it is too. Many thanks to the photographers who provided images this year of South Petherton and the TA13 area around: Steve Cooper, Pam Goodey, Steve Harrison, Jeff Hutson, Andy Lord, James McInnes, John Nicholson, Liz Randall and Alan Williams - and to the editor, James McInnes.

2024 Calendar We are always looking for fresh images to include in the next edition of the calendar. As you take them throughout the year, please send your S.Petherton/TA13 images for collation and possible selection to .

    Monthly Photo Challenges

Each month the club members are set a photo challenge to produce digital images on a set topic. The images are then reviewed at a subsequent club night and voted on to select the winner (who gets a round of applause and our heartfelt admiration).

  You can view entries from past 2017/18 challenges and earlier here

Challenge topics and deadlines 2023/24      You can view all of the past challenge entries here.

Click on the   symbol below to see the entries

  July/August ‘23Sky ..... entries by Sunday 27th Aug (on-line voting from Wed 30 Aug)

  September ‘23Horses ..... entries by Sunday 24th Sept (on-line voting from Wed 27th Sept)

  October ‘23Fruit ..... entries by Sunday 22nd Oct (on-line voting from Wed 25th Oct)

  November ‘23Leaves ..... entries by Sunday 26th Nov (on-line voting from Wed 29th Nov)

  December '23Cutlery ..... entries by Sunday 31st Dec (on-line voting from Wed 3rd Jan)

            ---------- oooOooo ----------

  January '24Stormy Weather ..... entries by Sunday 28th Jan (on-line voting from Wed 31st Jan)

  February '24Light & Shadow ..... entries by Sunday 25th Feb (on-line voting from Wed 28th Feb)

  March '24Arches ..... entries by Sunday 24th Mar (on-line voting from Wed 27th Mar)

  April '24A Townscape ..... entries by Sunday 21st Apr (on-line voting from Wed 24th Apr)

  May '24Vibrant ..... entries by Sunday 26th May (on-line voting from Wed 29th May)

  June '24Single Bloom ..... entries by Sunday 23rd Jun (on-line voting from Wed 26th Jun)

Entries: (please make no smaller than 1Mb and no larger than 2Mb - as a guide, about 1200 pixels along the longest edge is plenty big enough for your image to be projected with good quality) can be e-mailed to .
Click here for the rules of the Monthly Challenge competition.

On-line voting: members can vote for their favourite challenge images (up to 2) each month - log into the Members' Area and follow the 'Monthly Challenges' link. The results of the vote will be announced at the following in-person club meeting (and shortly after on the club website).