What are the 'Challenges'?

The 'Challenges' are a very informal monthly competition for club members to take part in if they wish.

Each month's challenge has a set theme, the idea being:
      to encourage members to get out with their cameras, maybe to try some new technique; or
      perhaps to re-visit some previously taken images with a view to making the most of them; and
      to show your photographs to others - after all, what is the point of a photograph nobody ever sees?
Members vote on-line for their favourite images from those submitted and the result is announced at the next face-to-face club meeting (and shortly after on this website). There are no prizes - the winner gets a round of applause and our sincere admiration.

You can view all of the past challenge entries here

    The Rules

1. Entry is free to Club members.

2. All images entered in the Challenges must originate from a camera. You can use post-processing to improve your images but 100% computer-generated images are not eligible.

3. Images entered should:-
      be in digital jpg or png format - no prints or slides;
      be of a suitable file size (eg 1.5 to 2Mb / 1200px by 900px) for display on a digital projector;
      have been taken in the last five years;
      be your own work: ie taken by you and you own the copyright*;

      be received by the Challenge organiser by the published deadline date.

4. Up to 3 entries per member can be accepted.

5. Needless to say, the club cannot accept derogatory or obscene images.

6. Please ensure you have appropriate permissions before submitting images of a child/children - ie anyone under the age of 18.

[* After the competition, entries will posted on our website; in submitting your entry, you are agreeing for your images to be used in this way.]

    How to Enter

Please e-mail your entries to - this is preferred to using the organiser's personal e-mail address as whenever he is away your entries will still be forwarded automatically to the right person. Please make your images no smaller than 1Mb and no larger than 2Mb - as a guide, about 1200 pixels along the longest edge is plenty big enough for your image to be projected with good quality).

Challenge topics and deadlines 2023/24      

Click on the   symbol below to see the entries

  July/August ‘23Sky ..... see the entries here    

  September ‘23Horses ..... see the entries here    

  October ‘23Fruit ..... see the entries here    

  November ‘23Leaves ..... see the entries here    

  December '23Cutlery ..... see the entries here    

            ---------- oooOooo ----------

  January '24Stormy Weather ..... see the entries here    

  February '24Light & Shadow ..... see the entries here    

  March '24Arches ..... see the entries here    

  April '24A Townscape ..... see the entries here    

  May '24Vibrant ..... entries by Sunday 26th May (on-line voting from Wed 29th May)

  June '24Single Bloom ..... entries by Sunday 23rd Jun (on-line voting from Wed 26th Jun)

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